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Welcome to Natural Passion 4 Wellness
  • About Us

    ~ Meet The CEO, Founder, 

    Afro-Indigenous Formulator ~

    Licensed Holistic Natural Aesthetics Practitioner

    Personal Story/Background

    Mrs. Swan Dances With Breeze Díaz, an ordained Medicine Woman, was inspired to become an aesthetician and create natural products in an attempt to effectively manage her own skin condition. Her personal experience with battling eczema from an infant made Swan Dances With Breeze feel embarrassed, self-conscious, frustrated, and misunderstood. The many products used by her mother for this condition and those prescribed by the doctors would only provide temporary relief. Although Swan Dances With Breeze continued to battle this skin condition, she did not allow it to become a deterrent from pursuing her dream to become a model. She realized that her personal goals would need to include the development of a healthy mind, body, and self-image to pursue this career. There personal goals, coupled with focus and persistence, finally led to her being chosen as a finalist for and American’s Next Top Model’s casting call. This same determination would also become the catalyst in a pursuit to address her eczema. During Swan Dances With Breeze quest for healing, she became more knowledgeable and realized that she had allergies to certain types of foods such as gluten, peanuts, and dairy. When exposed to certain chemicals in lotions, soaps, detergents, etc., parts of her body would often become itchy and inflamed. Swan Dances With Breeze learned that even some fabrics, feeling too hot or cold, animal dander, and even stress could also irritate this unpredictable skin condition. Swan Dances With Breeze spent countless hours researching and testing formulas. Through much trial and error, she finally developed some soothing, healing formulas that would not only address her eczema but other skin conditions as well.

    Education and Clinical Practice

    A long, dedicated journey to her healing led Swan Dances With Breeze to make one of the most important decisions of her life, she enrolled in Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics in Tempe(a.k.a. S.W.I.N.A.), Arizona. Swan Dances With Breeze excelled in her studies, and completed a 600-hour program to become a Licensed Natural Aesthetics Practitioner. This program offered her a deeper understanding into the physiology and nature of the skin and how to customize treatment plans to address her client’s specific skin care concerns. In her clinical experience she cared for clients with several skin conditions such as all grades of acne, fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dehydrated skin, telangiectasia, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, papules, pustules, cysts, milia, scars, melisma, erythema, hyperkeratinization, and all skin types. She is also an Aromatherapist, Nutrition Adviser, Herbal Alchemist, and an Indigenous Healer. In Swan Dances With Breeze clinical practice, Raw Kiss Treatments, LLC, she formulates ALL of her own face and body treatments “table side” using raw-alive, certified organic, and plant based ingredients for her esthetics practice while using a holistic approach. The delicious aroma filled ingredients she uses are called The Royal F.O.Y. Garden (Fountain Of Youth), makes you go oooh... As an Afro-Indigenous Formulator, she has been formulating for over 28+ years (for several lifetimes), specializes in working with chronic skin conditions such as cystic acne, etc, and continued to further her education.
    This by far is a very unique distinction between her and other Aesthetic Practitioners.

    Contribution to the World

    Due to her education, knowledge, passion, and personal experiences, Swan Dances With Breeze then decided to share her personal healing formulas with others. Swan Dances With Breeze launched a line in 2009 that she so believes in that she named it after her birth given name, N.atural P.assion 4 W.ellness Personal Care Products aka NP4W (these are the initials of her birth name). This is a complete line of medicinal, natural, organic products which address skin, oral, and hair care helping to maintain wellness and balance for the entire body, mind and spirit. These products, which can be used by males and females of all ages, are based on Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese herbs, Western herbs, essential oils, Indigenous, organic ingredients, Love & Integrity. This line embodies Swan Dances With Breeze own wellness philosophy that she has been studying and practicing for several years. Born with a “helping gene”, it is Swan Dances With Breeze passion and vision to educate others about the importance of obtaining and maintaining a healthy hygiene regimen in Mind, Body, & Spirit.~~~ WHOLE BODY CARE!

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    ~ Wife & Co-Owner ~

    Licensed Acupuncturist, Dipl. OM

    Mrs. Aeimee Diaz is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac), Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, a supporter of integrative medicine working in the field of Alternative Medicine for over 20 years. She has been studying and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 10 years, caring for Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, arthritis, skin conditions, pain management, cancer, AIDS, HIV, respiratory illnesses, stress management, Sport’s Medicine - traumatic injuries (fractures, sprains, and strains), digestive disorders, infertility, bell’s palsy, stroke, facial paralysis, post-surgery pain and recovery, PTSD, addiction, smoking cessation, and cosmetic acupuncture (face & neck lifts, and weight loss). She began her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture for a year then transferred to The Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Tucson. There she studied acupuncture, Chinese herbal pharmacopeia, and tuina with core members of The North American Tang Shou Tao Association. After graduating she traveled to China for her advanced work-study program at an integrated hospital under the President of the Acupuncture Department of the Zhuhai hospital, Dr. Ai Zhou. Mrs. Diaz has also had the privilege of studying under other Master’s and Doctors of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

    Her Practice

    In Mrs. Diaz's clinical practice, she values both Western and Eastern medicine knowing that Integrative Medicine is the best approach to healthcare and medicine. Mrs. Diaz works in connection with Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Medical Doctors, Medical Hypnotherapist, Chiropractors, and other healthcare providers. She works with medicine such as; Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, PEMF (Pulse Electric Magnetic Field) Therapy, aromatherapy, iridology, herbs (East and West), food therapy (nutrition), supplements, tuina (Chinese medical massage), qigong, taichi, and bio-magnetic therapy. The age range of her patients are from unborn babies to geriatrics. From acute to complex situations.

    Her Inspirations

    Mrs. Diaz's background comes from a solid foundation from her parents both being healers, she being a fourth generation healer. Her mother was a medical homeopathic doctor, specializing in iridology (study of the iris/eye), herbs, food therapy, hydrotherapy (water therapy), massage, and other indigenous (folk) treatments. Her mother studied and translated for Dr. Bernard Jensen, a pronounced iridologist, colon hydro therapist, author, and nutritionist. Both of Aeimee's parents studied with Mikio Kushi, a pioneer in the Macrobiotic diet (Japanese diet) in the West. Her father inspired by her mother has written a book in Spanish in Alternative Medicine, currently working on his second, and has a Spanish radio show providing health advice in Los Angeles. He studied in Mexico, acupuncture and bio-magnetic therapy working as a clinician having great success in very challenging cases such as lupus, cancer, fibromyalgia, and other auto-immune diseases. Aeimee's mother owned a health food store in East Los Angeles during the 80's, where Aeimee learned the importance of how health played a role in the community as a gift providing positive life changes for many.


    “I was born to heal and teach. My joy comes from helping people transition to a healthier lifestyle. So they in turn may teach and heal their family and friends. -Health be with you!”

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    💗Wife and Wife Team